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Naturopathic medicine for weight loss

holistic weight loss program lewiston idaho clarkston washingtonTraditional weight loss programs typically involve dieting, caloric restriction, or focusing solely on extreme levels of exercise. Integrative Health & Wellness takes a different whole person approach which is more manageable and sustainable while taking into account your specific micro/macronutrient needs and supports you with realistic and long-term weight loss results.

Some weight loss programs typically involve going on a fad diet (i.e., strict keto, low carb, low fat, etc.) or prescribing weight loss pills. These extreme diets can be just that… extreme. Additionally, metabolic-boosting products are usually made of potentially toxic chemicals that act as uppers, supplying the body with high levels of caffeine, thereby disrupting cortisol, liver function, and blood sugar levels while also placing unnecessary stress on the cardiovascular systems. These methods often act as a temporary solution, like a band-aid, alleviating symptoms for a short while and thereby perpetuating the root of the issue and potentially leading to long-term health conditions.

Dr. Zadie Lanouette’s holistic approach is sustainable and will help the patient with maintainable weight loss results and maintenance. She focuses on the highest quality natural supplements and individualized nutrition plans. Dr. Zadie will ensure the lifestyle change is attainable without feeling the pressure to “cheat.”

If you’re ready to drop the weight in a realistic and sustainable way, please call the office at 208-799-3333 to schedule an appointment today.


nutrition counseling lewiston idaho clarkston washington

“Holistic nutrition” may seem like the catch-phrase of the last few years, but it’s simply a common-sense way to healthy living. Holistic nutrition takes into account the whole person — their emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

The cornerstone of this practice is education: awareness of where food comes from with an emphasis on clean eating, how to make healthier choices at the market, reading and understanding food labels, recognizing foods that affect the body differently, all with an emphasis on natural and organic food choices.

The basis of our practice is nutritional counseling and holistic nutrition tenets — helping our patients understand the link between nutrition and well-being. So, whether you want to transition to a healthier lifestyle, learn how to implement holistic nutrition practices in your organization or family, or just need extra support to modify your diet, we will work to individualize a sustainable nutrition plan.

If you are ready to live better, one bite at a time, please call our office at 208-799-3333 to schedule an appointment today.